backup admission procedure

The admission to degree courses at UG level in Arts stream is made strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down by the University of Kashmir/ Higher Education Department.

The admission shall be purely provisional and the college reserves the right to cancel the admission of any student at any stage if it is found that the student has furnished incorrect information or does not fulfill the eligibility criteria laid down by the University of Kashmir.

However, admission process shall be governed by in-take capacity of the college.


Arts    The candidates who have passed HSS part – II (12th Class) examination are eligible for admission to BG – I.

Combination of Subjects

The following combination of subjects is offered at U.G. level as approved by the University of Kashmir.

S.No. Comb. Name
1. C 1 General English Education Islamic Studies Urdu
2. C 2 General English Education History Islamic Studies
3. C 3 General English Education History Urdu
4. C 4 General English Islamic Studies Political Science Urdu
5. C 5 General English History Islamic Studies Political Science
6. C 6 General English History Political Science Urdu
7. C 7 General English Economics Education Urdu
8. C 8 General English Economics History Political Science
9. C 9 General English Economics Education History
10. C 10 General English Islamic Studies Mathematics Urdu
11. C 11 General English Economics Education Mathematics
12 C 12 General English  Economics  Mathematics  Political Science
13  C 13  General English  Islamic Studies  Mathematics  Political Science
14 C 14  General English  Education Islamic Studies   Mathematics

Note : Anyone among the above mentioned subject combinations once opted for shall not be changed later on.

The Above Combinations are subject to change.