Institutional Code of Conduct for Employees

This policy applies to all the employees regardless of the nature of their employment or designation in this institution. All the employees are bound to follow the institutional Code of Conduct while performing their duties. An outline of the components of Institutional Code of Conduct are listed below:

Compliance with law

All employees must protect our institution’s legality. They should comply with all environmental, safety and fair dealing laws.

Ethical values

We expect employees to be ethical and responsible when dealing with our institution’s finances, products, partnerships and public image.

Inspiring and Collaborative atmosphere

Employees should be friendly and collaborative. They should try not to disrupt the workplace or present obstacles to their colleagues’ work. They should avoid offending, participating in serious disputes and disrupting the workplace .All the employees are expected to foster a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment.

Respect in the workplace

All employees should respect their colleagues. We won’t allow any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment or victimization. Employees should conform to our equal opportunity policy in all aspects of their work.

Protection of Institution’s Property

All employees should treat institution’s property whether material or intangible, with respect and care.


  • Shouldn’t misuse institution’s equipment or use it frivolously.
  • Should respect all kinds of incorporeal property. This includes official seals, letterheads and other property (information, reports, etc.) Employees should use them only to carry out their official duties.

Employees should protect institution’s facilities and other material property from damage and vandalism, whenever possible.

Integrity and Professionalism

All employees must show integrity and professionalism in the institution.

  • Corruption

We discourage employees from accepting gifts from students or clients. We prohibit briberies for the benefit of any external or internal party.

  • Job duties and authority

All employees should fulfill their duties with integrity and respect toward students, stakeholders and the community. Any employee must not abuse her/his authority. We encourage mentoring throughout our institution.

  • Punctuality and Regularity

Employees should follow their work hours. All employees should be punctual and regular.

  • Communication

All employees must be open for communication with their superiors, colleagues, administration and students.

Disciplinary actions

Institution may have to take disciplinary action against employees who repeatedly or intentionally fail to follow the code of conduct. Disciplinary actions will vary depending on the violation. We may take legal action in cases of corruption, theft, embezzlement or other unlawful behavior.