Attendance Register

This is the list of students who have submitted the Online Examination/Assignments 2020 held by the College w.e.f 29th June 2020 onward

S No.Date of SubmissionList of Students
 1 29th June 2020click here 
 230th June 2020 click here 
 301st July 2020 click here
 42nd July 2020 Click here 
 53rd July 2020 Click Here 
64th July 2020Click Here
75th July 2020Click Here
86th July 2020Click here
97th July 2020click here
108th July 2020click here
119th July 2020click here
1210th July 2020Click here
1311th July 2020Click here
1412th July 2020Click here
1513th July 2020Click here